Hope for Mental Health

The Hope for Mental Health Ministry extends the radical friendship of Jesus by providing transforming love, support, and hope through the local church.

Saddleback Church’s Mental Health Initiative is designed to encourage individuals living with a mental illness, educate and support their families, and equip church leaders for compassionate and effective mental health ministry.

Grace Alliance

The Grace Alliance cultivates healthy solutions for hearts and minds through simple, innovative biblical truths, scientific research and practical tools. Christ-centered solutions for anxiety, depression, stress & similar challenges.

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries prepare the Church to support mental wellness. The primary tool they offer, The Sanctuary Course, has been used in churches across the world. This course integrates theology, psychology, and sociology and includes films featuring clinical psychologists and theologians as well as people who share their lived experiences with mental health challenges. Based in Vancouver, Canada.

Uniting the Church and mental health – with blog articles and social images from Jeremy Smith

Fresh Hope for Mental Health

Fresh Hope is an international network of Christian support groups for those who have a mental health diagnosis and for their loved ones.

Fresh Hope is empowering individuals to live well in spite of a mental health diagnosis along with their loved ones through peer-to-peer Christian mental health support groups that are recovery principle driven. has mental health online support group meetings every week in English and Spanish.

Hope Made Strong

Hope Made Strong, is an organization dedicated to equipping leaders with the mental health resources needed to create resilient individuals and churches with knowledgeable and confident leadership. Hope Made Strong offers online learning and in-person presentations that create conversations leading to hope, strength, and resilience in leadership. 

Christian Asian Mental Health

Christian Asian Mental Health

Christian Asian Mental Health (CAMH) seeks to encourage, educate, and empower us to advance mental health for every person to resolve the mental health crisis in collaboration and partnership with Asian and Asian American churches.


Anchor International

Anchor International

Anchor International is a nonprofit ministry helping people affected by mental health challenges through training and Christ-centered support programs.

Key Ministry

Key Ministry was founded to help churches minister to families of children with “hidden disabilities” by serving churches seeking to become more intentional and effective in ministry with children, teens and adults impacted by mental illness, trauma and developmental disabilities and their families.

Anthem of Hope

Anthem of Hope is a faith-centered organization dedicated to help equip the church with the resources needed to help better assist those struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction and suicide.

Anthem of Hope has a Facebook group, Christian Mental Health Support Group, for encouragement, community, and normalizing mental health aid. “While we absolutely want to be there for one another, we are not here to give professional or medical advice. We are NOT anti-medication nor anti-therapy. Most of all, we are pro JESUS!”

Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministries produces training and Christian resources known for their excellence, practicality, psychological integrity, and theological depth. These resources cover topics such as caring ministry, assertive relating, spiritual gifts discovery, grief support, spiritual growth, and more.

Church Therapy Associates wants to bring quality mental health care into your church setting.

Church Therapy Associates exists to provide low cost, clinical mental health services in church and Christian college settings and to provide training for Master’s-level counselors seeking to specialize in Christian integration.


Hope and Healing Center & Institute

The Hope and Healing Center & Institute is a comprehensive mental health resource dedicated to transforming lives and restoring hope through education, training, clinical services and research. (in Houston, Texas)

Standing Stone Ministry

Standing Stone shepherds care for the men and women who have dedicated their lives in service to churches, ministry organizations, and missionary work.

Standing Stone shepherds walk with pastors and other ministry leaders as they unpack the pressures and problems they face, without having to fear the loss of their job or reputation. They are passionate about serving pastors and may just make the difference between ministry success or ministry burnout.

Pastors for Mental Health

Pastors for Mental Health is a Facebook Group that empowers Christian pastors to respond to the mental health crisis in their community by providing resources & encouragement.

Mental Health Ministries

Mental Health Ministries is an interfaith web based ministry to provide educational resources to help erase the stigma of mental illness in our faith communities. Our mission is to help faith communities be caring congregations for people living with a mental illness and those who love and care for them.

Enlighten Mental Health Ministry

Our Mission is to encourage, educate, and empower individuals and families facing the realities of mental illness to lighten our burden by providing resources regarding mental health (e.g. website links, Scriptures, educational articles, seminars, workshops


Mind and Soul Foundation

The Mind and Soul Foundation is exploring Christianity and mental health and providing high quality resources to encourage, educate and equip the church and faith communities about mental health, combining good theology, good psychology and good medicine. (Registered Charity in the United Kingdom)