About MentalHealth.Bible

This website serves faith communities with a curated collection of mental health resources that are especially useful for churches, clergy, pastors, Christians, and others for whom faith is a key component of their lived experience.

About the Green Ribbon

The color lime green represents mental health awareness. Wearing the lime green ribbon is a great way to open an honest dialogue with friends, family, classmates and co-workers about mental health. And it’s an easy way to show your support.


Trauma Healing Institute

Bible-Based Trauma Healing Care for the Global Church

Trauma Healing Institute (THI), a ministry of American Bible Society, provides training, resources, and support to help the Church respond to trauma in communities around the world. Built on a solid foundation of mental health best practices, our Bible-based model leads to sustainable trauma care in any context. Learn more at TraumaHealing.Bible.

NAMI FaithNet

NAMI FaithNet is an information exchange network of NAMI members, friends, clergy and congregations of all faith traditions who wish to create more welcoming and supportive faith communities for persons and families touched by serious mental illness. NAMI FaithNet also encourages the role of faith in recovery for those for whom faith is a key component of their experience.

Do you have resources to share?

Do you have resources to share with others? Please contact us and we can add them to MentalHealth.Bible. We are happy to hear your feedback, questions, and comments too.