The Merge: Faith + Mental Health Hybrid Summit is a 2-day event that will be hosted both in person and virtually. This event will focus on issues, strategies, trainings, and solutions regarding mental health in the local community.

We are bringing in a number of mental health practitioners, subject matter experts, and spiritual leaders as guest speakers. This event is unique because we address mental health from a holistic approach as we understand that scientific evidence supports that there are benefits to an integrative multidimensional holistic approach. We believe in all people being healthy body, soul, and spirit [1 Thess 5:23, 3 John 1:2].

Why Faith + Mental Health Summit

There is an urgent need for training, teaching, and strategies concerning mental health in the local community. Every day people are battling anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and even addiction. Sadly, within our modern society, there can be a lack of understanding, stigma, and even shame that has caused people to suffer in silence.

Our endeavor with this event is to bridge the gap between faith and mental health in a way that will provide resources and professional solutions to address mental health in our local communities.

This event will also help faith leaders, community members, and mental health providers have strategies, tools, and resources that will impact their families, communities, and individual lives. Registrants can anticipate prolific speakers, giveaways, handouts, relevant training sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

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About D’Andrea M. Bolden

Faith + Mental Health is a mental health advocacy organization located in Kalamazoo, Michigan that was officially founded in 2021 by D’Andrea M. Bolden. However, she has been operating in this space for over 6 years and working in the Kalamazoo community for more than 15 years.

D’Andrea is a prolific writer that enjoys writing non-fiction books to a multi-faceted audience. She is a gifted communicator and sought-after speaker for mental health, corporate, and faith-based events. D’Andrea has earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology; chemistry, a master’s degree in counseling, and a master’s degree in medical sciences.