More than 44% of Pastors Report That Their Jobs Are Numbing and Draining.

How many times have you, or a member of your team needed support to get through burnout or overwhelm? Have you begun to grapple with mental health? Mental health is difficult to address in a church setting, especially without appropriate training or language to discuss it.

During the Thrive & Cultivate 2-Day Summit, you’ll get the language and tools you need to adopt better self-care practices for yourself and get empowered to guide your team and better support your people.

Find The Resources And Support You Need At the Thrive & Cultivate Summit on May 18-19, 2023:

  • Equip yourself with self-care techniques, learn about mental health “first-aid,” and avoid burnout
  • Learn from leading practitioners and professionals so you can support your team and congregation
  • Learn how to normalize mental health discussions and empower your team to find support